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A Sudanese Declaration – Raise the Voices

*Statement on our position on the course of the political process* 

To the revolutionary people of Sudan, 

On the 11th April 2019, the Sudanese revolution entered a new phase on its path to achieving the goals that have driven our masses to streets; freedom, peace and justice. 

The most crucial feature of this stage is the process of political negotiation between the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the Transitional Military Council (TMC). The FFC entered this negotiation to facilitate the hand-over of power to a civilian government and to map out the implementation of a transitional civil authority on the ground. 

In the weeks since the 11th of April the TMC has manipulated the negotiation process so many times, people have lost sight of the original goal and turned any agreement resulting from this negotiation into a mere agreement to divide power. This is the same old approach that we have seen over and again, that contributed to the failure of peace of agreements signed by the former regime. It is very clear to see that the TMC follows the same methods the former regime used for recruitment and political manipulation. This reveals the deep seated control the former regime holds over the TMC, and proves that the TMC is only an extension of the former regime. It is clear that any transitional authority will need deep revolutionary and structural reform to ensure change and the success of our revolution. 

Accordingly, we at the Sudan Change Now movement believe strongly in the need to implement the following principles in any political solution, to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the revolution and reflect the will of our people: 

Firstly; in post-revolutionary Sudan there can be no immunity for the crimes committed against the Sudanese people since the 30th of June 1989. We believe that the most important pillar of the civil authority in the Sudanese revolution is the rule of law and full equality in front of it; therefore we call for the prosecution of crimes committed in impunity against the Sudanese people by those in power, regardless of the political and socio-economic status of the person in question. 

Secondly; we echo the demand for an independent investigation to bring justice to all those involved in the commission of crimes against our people in the period after 11th of April 2019.

Starting with an inquiry into the massacre of the sit-in, and including the massacre on the 8th of Ramadan and the massacres that took place in Darfur, Gedaref and other cities of Sudan, including the most recent ones in cities of Suki and Ad Da’in on **add dates**. This investigation should have sufficient safeguards to guarantee its full independence, such as international supervision from the African Union, and be conducted with full transparency and accountability to the Sudanese people. 

Thirdly; we demand the liquidation of all the security institutions the ousted National Congress Party created, such as the public security, student security and all other militias and gangs that served as tools of violent oppression against the Sudanese people.

Those responsible for the creation of these paramilitary groups and the officers who have participated in the subjugation of the Sudanese people should be presented for fair trials, this is also of high priority and can not afford delay. The liquidation paramilitary institutions includes the systematic dismantling the cancerous system of the National Intelligence and Security Services apparatus, and transferring its power to a civilian body that collects, analyses and submits information to competent authorities only. 

Fourthly; Sudan needs urgent legal reform.

This requires accelerating the formation of a transitional legislative council in which the broad spectrum of the parties that have fought for the liberation of Sudan from the fist of the National Congress Party and the Islamic Movement will be represented. This Legislative Council is highly important as it will be a supervisory body to monitor the performance of the government during the transitional period. 

Fifthly; this revolution was bought about by the Sudanese people through their grassroots organisations, such as the various resistance and neighbourhood committees.

These committees represent a solid foundation for building the future Sudan, and should therefore be a key reference in the establishment of local governance structures, with their views providing guidance for the democratic political process. 

Lastly; one of the most important prerequisites for the success of the revolution is to ensure the participation of the various armed struggle movements in any political agreement, to ensure fair and comprehensive representation of all.

It is the duty of all parties in the Sudanese political fabric to ensure their participation as it is the biggest guarantor of a cessation of conflict and successful peace building. 

To the proud people of Sudan, 
Change is a continuous unending process, and as long as it reflects will of the revolutionaries, it will be guarded and ongoing. The greatest guarantee for the continuation of the revolution is the inclusion and political participation of a wide variety of people. This includes the taking into consideration their thoughts, opinions and criticisms for a better future for our country. 

We have in hand the chance to straighten the tilt, May our martyrs rest in honour, May our missing people be safe, May our raped live in dignity, 

And may our wounded heal quickly. 

Sudan Change Now 

_A Right, a duty and a necessity_

Translated from declaration at Sudan Change Now by Mohammed Ameen; permission granted to publish here by same.

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