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A great mother, wife, teacher and heroine!

In the midst of war’s harshness and tragedies, the crucial takeaway is that genuine heroism stems from embracing patience and accepting one’s fate. Today, Dr. Ikhlas stands as a testament to this strength, serving as a teacher of resilience. 

In the early days of the conflict in Omdurman Al-Thawrat, tragedy struck her son. While he was assisting a person wounded in the conflict, Dr.Ikhlas’ son was shot dangerously close to the heart. At Al-Nawa Hospital, amidst critical injuries, she overheard a desperate inquiry about her son’s chances of survival as a volunteer asked a doctor: ”Doctor, is there hope for this boy? Is it worth it?” but God’s destiny was different as he was granted a second chance at life after a challenging journey. It started at Al-Nawa Hospital but passed through Shendi and then to Atbara where Dr.Ikhlas faced the challenge of begging people on the street to help her son who needed blood donated. She only managed to secure her son one bottle when he needed approximately seven! Fortunately, her son’s friends came from Omdurman to donate blood and his life was ultimately saved.

Through all of this, Dr.Ikhlas grapples with ongoing hardships such as her husband suffering from kidney failure and also struggling to find a dialysis center for treatment, as well as experiencing a bombing near her home after the life of her son was saved, and her sister and niece being one of the many unfortunate victims to the clash. All of this forced Dr.Ikhlas and her family to move Al-Iskan 75 in Omdurman, Sudan.   

For her husband specifically, battling with heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and paralysis (which has impacted the left side of his body) makes his situation worse when considering that he requires transportation to the dialysis center, a feat that is incredibly difficult when considering the amount of violence that occurs on the streets. A Paramedic in Every House initiative offers to transport patients through the use of donation but a potential wrong turn could jeopardize his ability to access necessary medical care.                               

Meanwhile, Dr.Ikhlas herself is a survivor of Sublingual Cancer, facing challenges from the side effects of chemotherapy such as taste issues and dry mouth. She was initially taking multiple rounds of treatment but due to the high costs associated, she ended her treatment. With the ongoing conflict, she is the only one to provide for the family. Despite her struggles, she sacrifices her pain in order to ease her husband’s pain.

Ikhlas remains a beacon of resilience, smiling in the face of profound tragedies. Despite facing numerous hardships, she stands as an inspirational symbol of unwavering strength. In these challenging times, her story calls for a message of support and compassion.

 For those willing to help, inquiries and support , You can contact us to contact you directly with her .

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