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Empowerment of Young Women in Kibera, Kenya through Swimming


Name of Event: SheCanTri Weekend Empowerment.

Date of Event: February 2022

Number of Attendants: 20 

Sponsoring organization(s): SheCanTri 

SheCanTri empowers women through sports.  Our team leader Gitonga Miriam from Nairobi, Kenya proposed a project in Kibera that was accepted!

Why swimming? I believe I wanted a sporting activity that pushed them beyond boundaries.
What made me come up with swimming, I thought I should come up with something new, that is not normally accessible to them. unlike football (soccer), activities that are already accessible to them.  We wanted something unique for them, that most of them are new to.

Most of the girls had not been to a swimming pool before and first-time impression came with the fears of the unknown and water phobia. We tried to let them work it out, and it turned out to be the best.

Most of them did not know each other they were creating bonds when they were in the water, in the bus, and eating. Sharing what they’ve learned, giving the impression that we are this together working as a team.

The project was about swimming in Kibera, It involved 20 girls from the Kibera neighborhood being taught how to swim and leadership skills.

Every Saturday and Sunday in February, the girls were picked up from Kibera by bus and brought to the swimming venue where an expert coach taught swimming lessons. They were provided with swimming gear and also food to take home to their families at each session.

The girls were able to get time to bond and have time to test their fear in trying out something new to them.

Sports allow women to push boundaries on and off the playing field.

WhatsCookin‘ helps organize community-building events anywhere in the world.  

We are deeply grateful for the support of Jackie Faye and SheCanTri to make this event possible.

Q: What will happen with the girls now?

A.I don’t know what might be the outcome, most of the girls can’t afford to go and swim, they may meet on the road and have talks.

They all wished they had more swimming sessions

Q: What other things do you hope they will get out of it?

A: Trying new things in life.  As girls, as the future leaders, to make things work out for them.  Despite the place where they come from, they can still amount to something.  Despite all the odds, they will always find something good to do in their life.

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