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“We are all hostages”

Editor’s note: Raise the Voices strongly condemns the terrorist attacks by Hamas that killed and kidnapped civilians in Israel. We also support safety and freedom for all innocent civilians. This interview is of a woman in Gaza who has previously worked hard in humanitarian and peaceful endeavors, and is now trapped with her family:

RTV: What would you ask for, that could be done?

Voice from Gaza: “I think it’s the basic things that we are asking for, we haven’t had any electricity for more than 40 hours now, many people don’t have I internet or mobile service. We lack medical aid and even in my city, we don’t have a hospital. There are no safe places, we are all under attack. There no such thing called a shelter, for example they appointed some UN schools as shelters where there are more than 80,000 people there now and they ended up bombing one yesterday. Today it was announced that Israel will impose a full on blockade on water, electricity and food. Even medications we do not have, my brother who has neurological disease will run out of medication soon and we can’t get it anymore from the West Bank because borders are now completely closed. Me and my family would die to leave to be safe, but we can’t because borders are closed and my youngest siblings don’t even have a passport because they never been out of Gaza because of the blockade that has been imposed 15 years ago”

RTV: Its like you are all being held hostage

Gaza voice: “That’s how it feels honestly, it’s been messed up and I have lost contact with many of my friends and colleagues who are having worse time most likely than us. Especially those who are now displaced at UN schools or trying to find a safer place”.

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