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Open Letter for Hand Marked Ballots to Avoid Cyber Attack – Raise the Voices

FromToMark.Billingsley@shelbycountytn.govDavid.Bradford@shelbyco Respected Commissioners, I'm a senior software engineer in the area of Risk. I'm deeply concerned that your commission may choose to use electronic voting equipment in the next election. I can tell you that the threat of cyber attack is very real, and that there is no way to know that these machines are secure, never mind that they may malfunction and embarrass your county as is happening in Georgia today. In particular, selection of any electronic voting equipment that does not allow for Risk-limiting audits is going against established best practice and could subject you to legal liability after the election. Please refer to Risk-limiting audits are not hard to understand - it means, that a sample of hand marked ballots can be randomly selected and recounted after the election in a way that can't be easily cheated. This should be something we all want. However, with most electronic ballot marking devices or electronic voting machines, it is not possible.I strongly advise you to choose Hand Marked Paper Ballots. This letter will be posted to our site for the record, that you have all seen this advice. Thank you, --Golda VelezSr Software Engineer, Postmates
Board Member, Raise the Voices/Civic Works

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