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The 10th Anniversary of the Crime of an Era in Eastern Ghouta , Syria 08/21/2013 !

The chemical massacre in Eastern Ghouta, the inhalation of death, caused more than 1,700 men, women, and children to perish in one hour in this heinous crime. A disgrace to all humanity, and the false masks of the insolent, the conspiratorial world fell with it…

A day that the people of Ghouta will never forget and how can they forget? Their fathers, mothers, children, and brothers who left in the dozens with frightening silence, without any urgent action. It is the pure, innocent souls who were killed without guilt. For what sin were they killed? Words fail to describe the scenes of death for those skinny bodies lying on the earth, whose hands rush to help, and reach the place of treatment, and find nothing but a place empty of treatment.

And we see the steadfast and patient mother searching among the dead for her newborn, sister, and brother, and the scene is as it is said: “He who sees is not like he who hears…”

It is the suffocating chemical massacre of innocent sleeping children. Entire families were lost, and death was within reunion. The tragedy that the hand trembles as it is written, the eyes which shed tears of blood, the heart that is squeezed with pain, sadness. and separation. Indeed, it is the tragedy of the age, which was done by the damned criminal murderer who is sitting in Damascus with all insolence and hatred; with Russian sponsorship and with Arab money. Unfortunately, it is a pain that does not leave the heat, God is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs.

Many may not have heard of other areas where horrific massacres were committed and bombarded with chemical weapons for more than 12 continuous hours in which villages were subjected to genocide; and the number of people who died in them was more than the neighborhoods where the Assad regime targeted 5 small villages in the Uqayribat area in the countryside of Hama. The world did not pay attention to them because ISIS took control of the area at the time and did not receive proper media coverage due to the organization’s control over that area, which is located in the Hama desert. However, in 2017 I met some survivors of the massacre, some doctors, and paramedics in the town of Mansoura in the countryside of Tabqa. Their testimonies were heartbreaking about this disaster. It will remain a stain on the entire world. How long will this criminal regime, which commits massacres every-day, go free without punishment and rule the country? What the cameras filmed in Syria is only a small part of the reality of what the Assad regime did behind closed doors, and what the cameras did not capture is much more terrible than what was shown.

It wasn’t just a passing massacre; it was the largest mass execution witnessed in modern times. The victims were hundreds of civilians, including women and children, who perished in one hour; separated from life by mere breaths. Shells loaded with sarin gas, launched by the terrorist Assad militias, stood between them and life. It’s the tragedy of the Ghouta chemical attack, visible to the entire world.

A fully orchestrated crime with evidence has now reached its tenth anniversary. Yet, the criminal remains free, enjoying international impunity due to the veto on international intervention; avoiding any prosecution.

#AssadChemicalAttack 2013/08/21

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