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Empowering Lives: Battling Cancer in Northern West Syria

Activists launch a campaign on social media under the hashtag “#Save_Cancer_Patients” to save cancer patients in northern Syria

The campaign calls on the international community, governments and organizations to intervene and find a way to save cancer patients in northwest Syria

The number of cancer patients whose treatment was stopped after the February earthquake is 1,785, and the number of those who returned from Turkey due to the cessation of treatment is 450, while the average of newly registered cancer cases in northwestern Syria is 1,100 cases annually, with an average of 3 cases that are discovered daily.

Access to treatment and medical care for cancer patients is a basic human right that cannot be ignored. It must be ensured that they receive the care they need to combat this disease. What cancer patients and their families are experiencing in northwestern #Syria is a real tragedy that requires urgent action from the international community and relevant organizations to take steps to end this suffering and save the lives of Syrians who have been left alone repeatedly facing the consequences of war and earthquake.
Before the devastating earthquake, the hope of thousands of cancer patients in northern Syria was attached to a “dose they received outside the borders.” While they crossed weekly through the only artery (Bab al-Hawa crossing) to Turkish hospitals, the disaster came to cut off the “only hope” and diminish the factor of time and the stages of the conflict with days, to survive.


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