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Conduct Training at the Syrian Border

Millions of Syrians fled the regime bombings and chemical attacks on Aleppo and other cities.  Some have taken refuge in small towns near the Turkish border, where they have temporary safety. However, there is still a great need here for training so that refugees can gain skills and work.

Mohammed Kamal has deep experience with “Training of Trainers”, working as a team leader for Syrians without Borders.  We are working with Mohammed to raise funds for training sessions to teach English, computer skills, and other essential skills to men and women living under difficult conditions and without Internet access. Our teaching sessions offer a great experience and critical thinking skills. 

Organizational success depends on the ability of team members to communicate with each other using multiple means and channels.  Our interaction with others determines how people perceive us and these interactions are an opportunity to achieve our planned goals.  Effective communication is one of the most powerful skills that help achieve goals, whether on a personal or organizational level.  This course will help them develop the skills they need to navigate through their everyday life. 25 men and women attended the training on January 28th, 2022, learning communication skills, stress management, emotion control, and many other useful strategies.

Below are the links to the initiative

Open Q&A and short presentation: 


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