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Portland and Your Own Hometown: What to Know and Do. – Raise the Voices

Operation Legend:
Trump announced in a recent speech that he would be sending a “surge” of federal law enforcement to Chicago and Albuquerque. Other cities are to come.

Federal agents in unmarked carsHeightening protests is unmarked cars (mostly SUVs) grabbing protesters off the street, without apparent reason.

Wall of moms has stated that things might escalate, and that federal and local authorities carry live ammunition.

Portland and other officials don’t want federal troops there
“Mayors of Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Portland, and Washington, DC Join Seattle in Condemning Trump Administration’s Actions Regarding Federal Forces in Cities”

The Moms
The “wall of moms” has gained national attention recently. They link arms to form a protective barrier between law enforcement and Black Lives Matter protesters. The mission is to protect and amplify, not speak above protesters.

Resistance Tactics
Most have been taken from Hong Kong. A couple include using a hockey stick and leaf blower to get tear gas away from peaceful protesters

Chris David
Former navy officer Chris David was seen on video being tear-gassed and beaten down by federal troops after David approached for a conversation about their violation of the oath of office.

How you can help
This is the Official petition. If you go to protests, collect signatures by printing this out.
If you are unable to attend the protest, we have a petition on

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