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The Rejection of Unity – Raise the Voices

Hundreds of children have been stripped of their innocence and identity due to the regulations that the United States is enacting. Moreover, in an article published by CBS News, they convey the notion to further remind the readers that children are being purposely separated from their parents due to the systematic oppression of the federal government. In addition, the American Civil Liberties Union, also known as ACLU, acknowledges that the Trump administration is violating the boundaries that have been set for them, for they are not allowed to separate families, especially in conditions where the children are being stripped of their safety. Furthermore, the ACLU has found that around 20% of the cases involve children under the age of 5.

As children are forced into isolation, they are forced into having a lack of health care. An article on the Scientific American exposes the detestable conditions that the detainees are being placed in. The article expresses the idea that the children are being forced into overcrowded and unsanitary environments, juxtaposing the conditions that the children should be guaranteed regardless of the situation. As the children are being placed in these facilities, pediatricians who treat the children have noticed that the children are not being treated to the extent to prevent the persistence of other medical issues that may result from the unforgivable conditions they are being placed in. Further, not all children receiving the treatments they require, resulting in a deterioration of their health.

As children are being stripped of their basic rights, this is greatly resulting in unnecessary mental and physical damages. The lack of safety demands action to be taken urgently.

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