Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Open Letter to Chief Deputy Jerry Brown

By Golda , in Detention Centers , at October 23, 2020 Tags: , ,

Hello Chief Brown
I am a reporter with RaisetheVoices, an advocacy journalism organization.
Can you tell me if you have opened an investigation yet into the detailed allegations of assault and terrorist threats by ICE officers?  Detailed, corroborated interviews have been made publicly available at in addition to details revealed via The Guardian. 

In particular this passage is of interest:
Mr. Green (security officer at Adams) broke my finger. I was crying, “I can't breathe” because they were forcefully on top of me pressing their body weight on top of me. My eyes were so hot. They dragged me outside by both hands. I was dragged across the ground. I was crying. My eyes were burning. They told me to keep moving. They were dragging me in all directions. I saw them dragging me and 2 others into Zulu. We three were forced into the shower with our clothes on. We had bruises on our bodies. I was then forced into a chair in a room. It was a prison chair that was attached to the wall. Mr. Green and another officer forced my neck on the table. I was crying, “I need to talk to my attorney,” and I said, “They are going to kill me”. There was a lady known as Ms. Blanton that was taking video. The officers told me to open my eyes. I couldn't. My legs and hands were handcuffed. They forcefully opened my palm. Some of my fingers were broken. They forced my fingerprint onto the paper. Mr. Green forced me on the ground and dragged me with my chin on the ground. He forced my hands to pass through a small door on the larger metal door. This was very, very painful. I lay on the ground there all night and they took me in the morning to medical in a wheelchair.
My understanding is that a complaint was mailed directly to your offices. The above described actions are clearly criminal acts and they were reported to your office.
Please let me know what actions have been taken in regards to this complaint. 
Thank you,
Golda Velez