Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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An Open Letter to the Mayor of Los Angeles on the Killing of David “Dizzy” Martinez.

By Chetan Soni , in Uncategorized , at July 10, 2020

To Eric Garcetti and others,

I am a reporter with Raise the Voices, an advocacy journalism organization. We are writing and publishing a report on David “Dizzy” Martinez, who was shot twice by officers on March 19th, 2013 in Los Angeles. 


We do not know the name of the officers, or if they were charged. We know that David “Dizzy” Martinez died shortly after he was shot due to a seizure. 


We have reviewed the report of the shooting and it seems clear that de-escalation was barely used, and the shooting was done in a manner that could have been de-escalated more than it was. 


Is there an update on the case of David “Dizzy” Martinez since the last headline in 2014? Can you provide the names of the officers that were involved in the shooting? 

This letter will be posted publicly as part of our advocacy journalism, along with any response from your office. 

Thank you, Chetan Soni

Reporter, Raise the Voices